PC Pre-Calculus Lessons Topics Covered


 Trig - Reference Angles

 Reference Angle, Terminal Angle


 Trig - Six Trig Functions

 SOHCAHTOA, Quadrants


 Trig - Calculator

 Finding Trig Values using Calculator, Minutes, Seconds,  Inverse Trig


 Trig - Right Triangle Word Problems

 SOHCAHTOA, Angle of Depression, Angle of Elevation


 Trig - Sin and Cos Graphs



 Trig - Radians

 Arc Length, Converting Degrees to Radians, Converting  Radians to Degrees

Lesson  Trig - Sin and Cos Graphs in Radians



 Trig - Tan, Cot, Sec, and Csc Graphs



 Trig - Inverse Trig Calculation

 Principal Value, General Solutions


 Trig - Inverse Trig Equations


Lesson  Trig - Proofs

 Reciprocal, Quotient, Pythagorean Identities

Lesson  Trig - Sum/Difference of 2 Angles

 sin(AħB), cos(AħB), tan(AħB)

Lesson  Trig - Double Angle Identities

 sin2A, cos2A, tan2A

Lesson  Trig - Equations with Special Angles

 Solving Equations with or without Identities

Lesson  Trig - Angular Velocity  Angular Velocity, Linear Velocity
Lesson  Trig - Inverse Graphs

 arc, sin, cos, tan, Domain, Range, Transformation

Lesson  Trig - Inverse Problems with Identities


Lesson  Trig - Right Triangles - SOHCAHTOA

 Word Problems Revisited

Lesson  Trig - Law of Cosines

 Find sides and/or angles of Triangles, SAS, SSS

Lesson  Trig - Area of Triangles

 A = 1/2 bh, A = 1/2 bc sinA, Heron's Formula

Lesson  Trig - Law of Sines

 Find sides and/or angles of Triangles, ASA, AAS

Lesson  Trig - Law of Cosines - Ambiguous Case

 Find sides and/or angles of Triangles, SSA

Lesson  Trig - Vectors

 Magnitude, Adding, Subtracting

Lesson  Trig - Vectors using Components

 Horizontal, Vertical

Lesson  Trig - Parametric Equations  
Lesson  Trig - Projectile Motion  
Lesson  Trig - Polar Coordinates

 Plotting Points, Converting Rectangular to Polar, Converting Polar to Rect.

Lesson  Trig - Polar Graphs

 Circles, Lines, Spiral, Cardioids, Roses, Lemniscates

Lesson  Real Number System

 Properties, Negatives, Fractions, Sets, Intervals, Absolute  Value, Distance

Lesson  Exponents

 Properties, Radicals, Zero & Negative Exponents, Rational  Exponents

Lesson  Polynomials

 Operations, Factoring

Lesson  Rational Expressions

 Operations, Simplifying, Rationalizing

 Denominator or Numerator

Lesson  Equations

 Solving Linear, Solving Quadratics, Completing the Square,  Quadratic Formula

Lesson  Equations Day 2

 Solving Rational Equations, Solving Radicals, Solving  Absolute Values, Projectile Motion

Lesson  Inequalities

 Solving Polynomials, Absolute Value, Rational Inequalities

Lesson  Coordinate Geometry

 Coordinate Plane, Midpoint, Distance, Intercepts, Graphing,  Circles, Symmetry

Lesson  Lines

 Slope, Point-Slope Form, Slope-Intercept Form, Vertical &  Horizontal Lines, Parallel, Perpendicular

Lesson  Function

 Definition, Piece-wise, Domain

Lesson  Parent Functions

 Cube, Square, Root, Reciprocal, Linear, Absolute Value,  Greatest Integer, Vertical Line Test

Lesson  Increasing/Decreasing Function

 Increasing, Decreasing, Average Rate of Change

Lesson  Transformations of Parent Functions

 Vertical & Horizontal Shift, Vertical & Horizontal Stretch,  Reflection, Even, Odd

Lesson  Quadratic Equations

 Standard Form, Minimum, Maximum, Vertex

Lesson  Modeling with Function

 Word Problems

Lesson  Piece-wise Functions  
Lesson  Combining Functions

 Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Composition

Lesson  One to One (Inverses) Functions

 One to One, Inverse, Horizontal Line Test

Lesson  Introduction to Polynomials

 End Behavior, Real Zeros, Graphing, Local Extrema

Lesson    Long Division    Long Division
Lesson   Synthetic Division

 Remainder Theorem, Factor Theorem

Lesson  Rational Zero Theorem

 Factor Polynomials, Descartes' Rule of Signs

Lesson  Upper & Lower Bounds

 Upper & Lower Bounds

Lesson  Complex Numbers

 Imaginary Numbers, Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide

Lesson  Complex Zeros

 Roots of Quadratics, Conjugate Zero Theorem

Lesson  Rational Functions (Day 1)

 Graphing, Vertical Asymptotes, Horizontal Asymptotes

Lesson Rational Functions (Day 2) Slant  Asymptotes


 Exponential Functions

 Graph, Transformations, Natural Number, Compound  Interest, Annuities

Lesson  Logarithmic Functions

 Definition, Properties, Graph, Transformations, Common,  Natural

Lesson  Law of Logarithms

 Expanding, Combining, Change of Base

Lesson  Exponential/Logarithmic Equations-No Calc

 Solving Equations

Lesson  Compound Interest  Compound Interest, Logistic Model
Lesson  Annuities  
Lesson  Modeling of Exp./Log Functions

 Growth & Decay

Lesson Logistic Model  
Lesson Newton's Law of Cooling  
Lesson Exponential/Logarithmic Equations-Calc  
Lesson  Sequences and Series

 Recursive, Partial Sum, Sigma Notation

Lesson  Arithmetic Sequences

 Definition, Finding Terms

Lesson  Arithmetic Series  Partial Sum
Lesson  Geometric Sequences

 Definition, Finding Terms

Lesson  Geometric Series  Partial Sum, Infinite Sum
Lesson  Pascal's Triangle  Pascal's Triangle
Lesson  Binomial Theorem

 Binomial Theorem